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Oppama toerenteller 2000DXR

€ 141,95 (inclusief btw 21%)

The PET2000DXR is a pulse-activated tachometer. It detects and counts electric pulse produced at the time of ignition of gasoline engines, and processes the detected signals into RPM readings according to the type of engines being monitored

The PET-2000DXR is capable of monitoring the RPM of the following engines:

- 2-stroke 1-cylinder

- 2-stroke 2-cylinder

- 4-stroke 2-cylinder

- 4-stroke 4-cylinder

- 4-stroke 1-cylinder (that sparks the sparkplug every revolution)

This dual display system for either current RPM alone or current & maxumum RPM, and also has two maximum RPM memories for comparison.

The PET-2000DXR is resetable, has an hour meter function and automatic on/off function.

* not suitable for diesel engines and direct ignition engines.