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Douglas SE serie Magnesium 130/212MM

€ 254,95 (inclusief btw 21%)

Velgenset bestaat uit:

2x voorvelg 130MM
2x achtervelg 212MM

inclusief zakje bevestiging

SE Magnesium wheels are designed specifically for Non-Gearbox Karting, where a delicate balance between brute traction and a free rolling nature is important. The super drop center design incorporates a little flex, while the rapid increase in diameter of the bell section reduces air volume and increases tire cooling capacity. SE also features a solid center designed to accept DWT MagTech Hubs, for the ultimate in wheel to hub surface area. This interface can be used with DWT MagTech Hubs to maximize stiffness and grip, or with a variety of OEM triangle style hubs to increase flex and reduce tire binding. SE series adds up to be a very tunable combination for those less violent direct drive or lower horsepower Classes.